IMS/Detroit - 2014 Program Schedule   All Workshops Feature Leveraged Learning with "IMSQuickCoach"

April 17   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


          Dr. Rick Kirschner   Dealing with Difficult People

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Dealing with people at their worst is something we all do everyday, but that doesn't make it any easier. In this humorous, informative seminar, Dr. Kirschner shows you how to take the pain out of dealing with problem people by revealing the attitudes and behaviors that will help you solve people problems. This presentation shifts the focus from being reactive to proactive, from struggling with people to building relationships with them, from seeing what's wrong to doing what is right.

Dr. Rick Kirschner is a best-selling author and respected authority who offers a powerful approach to dealing with change and communication that unlocks creativity, enhances teamwork and leadership, increases commitment, service and innovation. He is the coauthor of the international bestseller, Dealing With People You Can't Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst, Life By Design, and Love Thy Customer.

May 1   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


           Dr. John Austin  Critical Thinking: A Model for Avoiding Common Decision Traps

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High quality decisions have always been essential for strong business performance. Yet with the increasing speed, complexity and data availability in today's competitive environment, superior decision skills are more important than ever. This workshop will help you improve your decision-making skills by offering behavioral insights into how people actually think and make decisions. It then teaches the advanced critical thinking skills and creative strategies needed to manage unfamiliar, highly complex problems or decisions that involve significant uncertainty.

Dr. John Austin is a Faculty Member and Senior Consultant for Decision Strategies International (DSI). Prior to joining DSI, He helped launch two companies based on his research, Aptient Research and Training, and YourWebView, LLC. He has been on the faculty at Penn State University's Smeal College of Business and at The University of Washington. He's also taught Executives at The Wharton School and Duke Corporate Education.

May 13   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


         Dr. Andrew Shatte   Developing Resilience Skills for Work and for Life


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In this session you will learn 7 skills to boost your leadership abilities and to foster an atmosphere of your resilience for and in those you lead. You will receive a personal profile of your strengths and weaknesses across the 5 strengths that make an excellent and resilient leader - Integrity, Mentoring, Aligned Values, Results, & Connection to the job. This profile will direct your customized learning as you practice the leadership skills. In this fun and interactive session, what you learn about yourself as a leader will be revealing.

Dr. Andrew Shatté is the founder & President of Phoenix Life Academy, a company that specializes in measuring and training in resilience. Dr. Shatté is in high demand as a speaker. He has delivered over 1,000 keynote speeches and addresses to large corporate audiences over the last decade. Dr. Shatté is coauthor of The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life's Hurdles.

June 5   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


         Mr. Paul Hellman  When Leaders Speak: How to Get Heard, Get Remembered and Get Results

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As a leader, everything you say and do sends a message and has impact. Our purpose: sharpen your leadership message. You'll start by completing a self-assessment. Then we'll identify 13 ways to project executive presence. We'll practice focus. We'll also work on stories—one of the best ways to influence & inspire others. Finally, we will examine dialogue and "smart" questions that get others engaged. You’ll leave with powerful & practical communication techniques to inspire performance—whether leading your team, making a presentation, or managing yourself.

Mr. Paul Hellman is the author of Naked at Work: How to Stay Sane When Your Job Drives You Crazy (Penguin) and Ready, Aim, You're Hired! (Amacom). He has taught MBA courses at Northeastern University, and organizational psychology courses at Bentley College, where he was nominated twice by the management department for an outstanding teacher award.

July 15   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


     Dr. Jeanne Porter-King  Influence to Impact: Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders


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Influence is a crucial competency that enables leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. This program is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for women. In this course women come to understand the three levels of power involved in influencing, they discover their I2I (Influence to Impact) influence profile, they are taught the power of language and the role gender plays in organizational influence, they are taught to use dialogue as an influence tool, and are taught the secrets of leveraging the hidden power of the organization.

Dr. Jeanne Porter King, Principal of the TransPorter Consulting Group, is a seasoned organizational development consultant, author and inspirational speaker. She provides customized consulting and training solutions to clients in the areas of leadership development, and diversity and inclusion. She earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Communication with a secondary emphasis in Cultural Studies from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

August 6   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


         Dr. Iris Firstenberg   Innovative Thinking for Extraordinary Outcomes

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Successful organizations operate on the edge of chaos and embrace risk, error, and ambiguity, while practicing strategies that reduce the need for doing, undoing, and redoing. You will learn key strategies and practical tools to give you the adaptive capacity to work creatively with change and uncertainty. We will discuss strategies for tapping the human potential for creative thinking, from the inception of ideas to their transformation into practical business strategies and innovations.

Dr. Iris Firstenberg is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, UCLA and Adjunct Professor of Management at the UCLA Anderson School. She teaches courses on problem solving, decision making, and innovative thinking in both the psychology department and MBA programs. In UCLA Anderson Executive Education programs, Dr. Firstenberg has taught for many years and is consistently one of the most highly rated instructors.

September 16  -  2014 Registration Fees - $425          Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


     Mr. Mark Graham Brown  The Intelligent Enterprise: How Top Organizations Use Analytics to Drive Excellence

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In this highly interactive workshop you will learn to hone your skills at identifying valid performance metrics linked to financial success for a wide variety of factors that are hard to quantify, such as corporate culture, intellectual capital, customer satisfaction, and marketing/sales.  Using a series of case studies from service and manufacturing organizations, attendees will be able to critically evaluate their own organization’s metrics and approach to performance management and come away with many examples of creative measures and approaches used by today’s leading companies and non-profits.  

Mark Graham Brown is author of the forthcoming book Killer Analytics: Top 25 Metrics Missing from Your Balance Sheet (Wiley), as well as Winning Score: How to Design Organizational Scorecards, and Beyond the Balanced Scorecard: Improving Business Intelligence with Analytics. He is also coauthor of Rx for Business: Troubleshooting Organizational Change Programs, and Why TQM Fails and What to do About It.

October 8   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


       Dr. Graeme Codrington  Strategic Intelligence: A Key Skill for Ensuring Future Success


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Based on detailed research into macro-economic, political and social trends, this program will improve your understanding of the forces that are reshaping your industry's landscape and your personal world. We shall focus on five key disruptive forces that are going to change the way we live and work in the next decade. As an attendee you will also gain confidence in your ability to identify key areas of change in your own world and career, and be equipped to contribute to the strategic success of your team and your organization.


Dr. Graeme Codrington is an expert on the new world of work and multi-generational workplaces. He is a keynote presenter, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy consultant working across multiple industries and sectors. He blends cutting-edge research, thought leading insights with humour, a conversational style and multimedia-driven presentations to create unforgettable experiences that add real value. He has a particular interest in trends affecting how people live, work, interact and connect with each other. Speaking internationally to over 100,000 people in about 15 different countries every year, he has shared the platform with the likes of Edward de Bono, Jonas Ridderstrale, Sir Ken Robinson and Neil Armstrong.

October 23   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


         Dr. Ed Foreman   Creating Your Own Success: The Power of a Positive Attitude

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This session is a unique, comprehensive habit-improvement program that mentally, physically, and emotionally improves your sphere of living. The program teaches specific techniques for making this an automatic part of your subconscious mind. It will help you eliminate self-defeating behavior and improve your self-confidence through positive, success-generating habits, putting you on the road to greater achievement and a more rewarding life. This one-day format highlights the popular three-day Successful Life Course featured positively on CBS News' 60 Minutes

Dr. Ed Foreman is the only person to be elected to the United States Congress from two different states in over 150 years and has enjoyed a close working relationship with six U. S. Presidents.  He is a board member, officer, or major stockholder of a dozen successful corporations and is recognized for his remarkable leadership, worldwide, in the special education and counseling of more than 30,000 graduates of his renowned, life- enhancing SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course.

November 13   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


         Dr. Rick Brinkman   Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Gain Control of Your Priorities

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In this era of doing more with less, it is crucial for managers and executives to better manage their time and themselves. This workshop will give you the skills needed to prioritize your activities and optimize your use of time, whether it be in meetings, phone conversations, or your daily activities. You will see how to eliminate procrastination, increase productivity and achieve results. You will also learn how those who are organized and efficient got to be that way, and you will come away with a road map for success in the office and at home.

Dr. Rick Brinkman is the developer of Conscious Communication™ trainings and the principal of Rick Brinkman Productions, Inc, a training and development company. He is author of numerous books including the international bestseller published by McGraw-Hill, Dealing With People You Can’t Stand, How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, which has been translated into 15 languages.

December 2   -   2014 Registration Fees - $425           Sessions 9 AM - 4 PM           An "IMSQuickCoach" Session


        Dr. Marshall Goldsmith   The Manager as Coach: Cultivating Future Leaders

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A profile of "Coaching for Behavioral Change" will be presented and participants will learn the latest techniques for encouraging feedback to develop others (and to develop themselves). The concept of empowerment will be analyzed from a practical, real-world perspective. Participants will learn how to apply key concepts, and the latest research on feedback and follow-up will be used to show how leaders can coach in a way that produces guaranteed results for both individuals and teams.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders get even better by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams. The American Management Association named Dr. Goldsmith as one of 50 great thinkers and leaders who have influenced the field of management over the past 80 years.

Since 1994 over 26,000 managers and executives have participated in our Detroit monthly programs. Our “best-in-class” faculty speakers have designed their development workshops to improve your performance as an individual and a leader.  If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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